By Friday 25 November 2022 Please submit your speaking proposal.
Week of 12 December 2022 We inform speakers about acceptance of their proposal.
By Tuesday 20 December 2022 Please confirm your participation by email. Also, let us know if you intend to speak in-person or online (with a strong preference for in-person) if you have indicated both options in your submission.
We will be using your LinkedIn photo for our marketing materials. Please ensure this photo is at least 1080 pixels wide and high. If you don't have a suitable LinkedIn photo, please provide us with one.
By Friday 10 March 2023 Please provide us with your draft presentation or coffee corner conversation playbook, including some notes and your approach to interaction, by email to info@ba-beyond.eu.
Preferably, send us a link to a shared document online instead of an attachment so that we always have the latest version. We will provide you with our feedback on this draft. We understand this will still be a draft, but prefer to give you early feedback.
Between Friday 10 March and Friday 12 May 2023 We will be providing you feedback and may organise a chat with you about your talk.

You can join us to ask us any questions you may have and try out the technology (Zoom) here any time during the below slots:
  • 2023-05-02T13:302023-05-02T17:30
  • 2023-05-08T13:302023-05-08T17:30
  • 2023-05-10T08:302023-05-08T12:30
By Friday 12 May 2023 Please provide us your final presentation by email to info@ba-beyond.eu. We need two versions: one to use for your talk and one to share with participants afterwards.
Preferably, send us a link to shared documents online instead of attachments so that we always have the latest version.
Please provide us two seeded questions to initiate the moderated Q&A with the audience.
Week of 22 - 26 May 2023 Enjoy (making) the show! :-)

Additional Info

As we get closer to the event we'll keep you up to date on

  • publishing the conference programme on our website and checking with you for any changes you'd like to make;
  • collaborating with you on promoting your talk;
  • providing you with a title slide to be used as the first slide of your presentation - there are no further requirements with regard to the style or layout of your presentation;
  • keeping you up to date on practical information about traveling to and speaking at our conference.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with us.

Some speaking guidelines

  • Please note that all sessions and materials will be in English.
  • Our conference theme is "High-Impact BA." You don't need to adapt the contents of your session much to fit with this theme. Simply consider how your approach, experiences, tips & tricks, … help you, and potentially others, become more impactful. How does it help you and your team or organisation achieve better outcomes?
  • We will take care of the necessary technology and follow-up/moderation of both the onsite and the online chat for the hybrid talks. For interactivity, please do take into account that your audience will be a mix of in-person and online participants. If you have an audience vote, use a tool like Mentimeter of Sli.do which allows both the onsite and online audience to participate simultaneously. There will also be a facilitator following up the online chat and bringing any relevant comments and questions from the online audience into your talk.

Talk Formats

At BA & Beyond, we are hosting several talk formats:

10-minute ristretto talks

Short and to the point — boosting people's energy levels at the start or end of the conference afternoons (+ additional time for Q&A)

  • Hybrid
  • Session will be presented from a conference laptop, not from a speaker laptop.

20-minute espresso talks

TED-style talks with a clear focus and message (+ additional time for Q&A)

  • Hybrid
  • Session will be presented from a conference laptop, not from a speaker laptop.
  • There will be two related espresso talks in a shared one-hour session. This allows for a very brief Q&A for any burning questions right after both talks, and a shared Q&A and conversation with the audience at the end of the session, with both speakers participating and sharing and comparing their experiences and viewpoints.

40-minute lungo talks

Talks that allow diving more deeply into a topic — audience interaction required! (+ additional time for Q&A)

  • Hybrid
  • Session will be presented from a conference laptop, not from a speaker laptop.

40-minute coffee corner conversations

Deep-dive discussions in a smaller-scale, more intimate setting

These are 40-minute conversations where the host initiates things through a couple of statements, questions, and/or concepts to get and keep a conversation between participants going. Depending on your needs, you could have more or less formal content and structure. A full-fledged presentation or slide deck is not needed. Actually, we believe that doing without a formal presentation will enable everyone to focus on the conversation! :-) You can use a flip chart or poster to provide some guidance to your conversation and/or capture participant's thoughts and ideas.

  • In-person or online only, not hybrid
  • By default, we do note foresee a screen for coffee corner conversations. If you do need a screen or any other materials for your coffee corner conversation (flip chart, post-its, …), please let us know. Also, please bring your own laptop to present your content.
  • If you need any other materials for your coffee corner conversation, like a flip chart, post-its, …, please let us know. We'll happily provide these.

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