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  • BA & Beyond 24 is in-person only.
  • You can select the day you'll attend the event in the next page. If you want to attend multiple days, you need to purchase multiple tickets.
  • Flexible and risk-free refund policy: You can request a full ticket refund until 7 days before the event. You can transfer your ticket at no additional cost until the morning of each event.
  • If you have a discount code, you can enter it in the next page. Please note that only one discount code can be used per ticket and order.
  • Individual IIBA® members are entitled to a € 50 discount per event day. Please use the promotion code "IIBA" and provide your IIBA® member ID.
  • Prices are exclusive 21% VAT.
  • If you need to receive your invoice via PEPPOL, please contact us via e-mail.
  • Invoices will be sent by altershape CommV, Langestraat 38, 3190 Boortmeerbeek, Belgium,, VAT/BTW BE0644.436.425, IBAN BE91 9731 4431 1176, BIC ARSPBE22. Download RIB.
  • For the Denmark conference, altershape passes on your name, position and company name to PwC, who processes the information in accordance with GDPR, article 6(1)(f) The "legitimate interests" rule, where PwC's legitimate interest and purpose is to administer and service visitors at PwC for the event.

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