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  • 18:00
    Doors & Networking
  • 19:00
  • 19:10
    Stijn Follet — High-Performing Agile Teams
  • 19:40
    Boris Schouten — Have you seen the Business Analyst?
  • 20:10
    BA Achievement Award shortlist announcement
  • 20:20
    Panel Discussion with Stijn Follet, Boris Schouten, Jan De Baere and Mark Smalley
  • 20:55
    BA & Beyond 22 Call for Speakers announcement
  • 21:00
    Networking Drink

Stijn Follet — High-Performing Agile Teams

  • The BA in an empowered Agile team
    • What do we mean with empowered?
    • Matching “what is possible” (engineering) with “what is needed” (market)
  • Team dynamics: a responsibility for each team member
  • The T-Shaped / Pi-shaped BA

Boris Schouten — Have you seen the Business Analyst?

The position of the Business Analyst in an Agile organization has been subject of discussion for quite some time. It seems there is no consensus yet and there are many alternatives available for the Business Analyst to be of great value. The question is whether we need to find a place for the Business Analyst to be most productive or do we need to find a way to optimise the business analysis capacity within the organization?

During this session Boris Schouten will discuss how the Business Analyst can contribute to optimize the business analysis capacity within an Agile organization. He will discuss how to determine the required business analysis capacity and how that demand can be met. Next to that he shows which performance indicators make the result of that alignment visible.

His conclusion? There is not just one optimal position or fixed role for a Business Analyst within an Agile organization. The position must be assessed and possibly adjusted frequently. That might make the Business Analyst less visible but it will definitely increase the visibility of the value of business analysis.


With two decades of experience in leading and coaching agile teams and organizations, Stijn Follet is currently focusing on the context for agility through contracting, culture, leadership and teamwork. He is co-author of the Agile Contract Manifesto.

At Capgemini, he is the Global Leader of the Agile & DevOps Movement, instigator of the Agile & DevOps Playbook, and global content owner of the agile training curriculum.

Boris Schouten, Senior Consultant at PanCompany BV, is active since 2000 in complex IT-projects and change initiatives at large commercial and national government organisations. He is often involved in implementing and rolling out products and systems from a quality perspective. Development of and guidance towards a new way of working for the organisation, project or develoment team are often part of his approach.

Next to his consultancy work, Boris is responsible for knowledge sharing at PanCompany BV in the areas of Agile Management and Test Engineering. He published and presented many times on these themes. His blogs can be found on PanCompany BV's website.

In order to deal with and even flourish in the ever increasing speed and complexity, we need to collaborate and organise ourselves in a different way. Thanks to the explosive growth of social technology (Agile, S3.0, theory U, liberating structures, …), today, we have new options to handle these challenges and opportunities.

The bottom-up approach typically used in agile transformations morphs into cultural transformations that change an organisation in all of its aspects. An evolution from static to dynamic organisations. Coaching organisations on this journey is Jan's occupation.

Jan De Baere's specialty is enterprise/business agility and organisational structures.

Mark Smalley is a writer, speaker, trainer, consultant and bridge builder at Smalley.IT. Also known as The IT Paradigmologist. He helps people discover where they are and to visualize where they want to be. His main area of interest is the management of IT systems and services.


This event will take place in Leuven, Belgium and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and will be live streamed as well.

Wherever and however you participate, you will be able to attend the entire event.

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