27 - 29
March 2019




Wednesday 27 March — Pre-Conference Workshops — Brussels

09:00 registration & coffee 09:00
09:30 Mindful product ownership
Applying mindfulness to innovate
Kathy Berkidge
13:00 lunch break 13:00
14:00 User story workshop
Lynda Girvan
17:30 end 17:30

Thursday 28 March — Conference Day 1 — Brussels

08:00 registration — coffee & light breakfast — sponsor expoLounge 08:00
09:00 welcome & morning pitchesBallroom I + Ballroom II 09:00
  room change  
  Ballroom I   Ballroom II   Klimt  
09:30 strategic BA   new BA techniques   hands-on session 09:30
  Making the complex complicated:
Reuniting cause and effect
Matt Thompson
  Strategic Domain Driven Design Yves Lorphelin   Decision and Process Modeling:
Which Comes First?
Jan Vanthienen
  4 Stories for a Storyteller Frank Lemmens   You are Doing it Wrong:
the Truth about User Stories
Pieter Hens
  Don’t Bring Me Solutions:
Bring Me Problems!
Adrian Reed
  Our journey in using visual facilitation techniques Nikolaas De Graeve & Ann Mistiaen  
  Interactive Q&A   Interactive Q&A  
10:55 coffee break — sponsor expoLounge 10:55
  Ballroom I   Ballroom II   Klimt  
11:25 decision making:
human vs computer
  agile beyond the hype   hands-on session 11:25
  Decision management: Based on knowledge, yet doomed by the lack of it Dennis Aarts   How to make an agile project succeed Jan Legtenberg   The Innovation Game Michaël Van Damme & Geert De Wael  
  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who’s the wisest of them all? BA perspective on predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. Andrej Guštin   The 7 hidden layers behind Agile techniques: ever wondered why we use post-its during a retrospective? Pieter Van Driessche  
  Mastering data in exponential times Jack Esselink   Applying mindfulness to collaborate and innovate Kathy Berkidge  
  Interactive Q&A   Interactive Q&A  
12:50 lunch break — sponsor expoLounge 12:50
13:45 afternoon pitchesAll rooms 13:45
  Ballroom I   Ballroom II   Klimt  
  sponsor spotlights   sponsor spotlights   sponsor spotlights  
13:55 Beating complexity with complexity
A toolkit to face big ugly realities
  Staying alive … With low-code OutSystems   Why is Agile making my Strategy Director crazy? The Business Analysts 13:55
14:20 room change   room change   room change 14:20
14:25 Case based analysis
When process based analysis falls short
Ground lion
  RPA process analyses. Let's do it the right way. UiPath   Co-creating a learning roadmap for business analysts The Master Channel 14:25
14:50 coffee break — sponsor expoLounge 14:50
  Ballroom I   Ballroom II   Klimt  
15:10 creating successful products   soft skills   hands-on session 15:10
  Sneaking Service Design Thinking into large organisations Stina Vanhoof   How to be successful in a cross-cultural context
Study Case of and IT Outsourcing Company
Irina Rogojina
  Thought Sketching for Business Analysts and Beyond Koen De Keersmaecker  
  We stopped doing projects Jonas Van Poucke   Are you thinking what you think you're thinking? Liz Calder  
  Why you Shouldn’t Imitate Apple! Nader K. Rad   When BAs Go BAD Christina Lovelock  
  Interactive Q&A   Interactive Q&A  
16:35 coffee break — sponsor expoLounge 16:35
17:05 keynote
The Agile Business Analyst
Lynda Girvan
17:55 day close
Patrick Van Renterghem (IT Works) & Filip Hendrickx (altershape)

Friday 29 March — Conference Day 2 — Amsterdam

08:00 registration & coffee — sponsor expo 08:00
09:00 welcomeReina Boshuis & Filip Hendrickx 09:00
09:20 building your BA community 09:20
  Building a strong BA community within the company Maja Golubic & Mateja Blazevic  
  Knowledge Management and Knowledge Transfers Tom Colpaert  
  Immersion workshop: World café  
11:00 coffee break — sponsor expo 11:00
11:30 enabling innovation 11:30
  How can we help teams to start new ideas? Antonio González Sanchis  
  Deeper Business Analysis by User Experience Methods Susanne Schmidt-Rauch  
  Immersion workshop: Ritual dissent  
13:10 lunch break 13:10
14:10 thriving teams 14:10
  The Inner Architecture of a Performer Navin Pillay  
  7 skills of highly effective teams Hans van Loenhoud & Sasha Karpowa  
  Immersion workshop: Thriving teams  
16:20 coffee break — sponsor expo 16:20
16:50 keynote
Agile Business Cases and Beyond
Damien Braeckman
17:20 Closing workshop 17:20
17:50 conference close 17:50