Call for Speakers

BA & Beyond's tagline is Connect — Interact — Act. We connect people and topics across disciplines and domains, trigger interaction between partipants and help turn inspiration and ideas into tangible action.

At the BA & Beyond Conference, we welcome talks from thought leaders in the BA field and genuine stories from practitioners that can help participants move their BA skills forward.

Our conference is about business analysis in the broadest sense. Both talks covering how you are using classic BA techniques and skills to your advantage given today's challenges as well as talks on new and related tools, techniques, skills and approaches are welcome. Business analysis is about enabling change in your organisation and any related topic can be a valuable source of inspiration for our conference participants.

We welcome both experienced and new speakers. Key for a succesful presentation is focus and preparation. In either time frame, you can convey one or two key messages with some theory and case examples. So when preparing your presentation, you should be ready to take your time, rehearse, and trim your content until you have the essence.

Topic suggestions

A small grasp of potential topics:

  • Rock solid BA tools & techniques that stand the test of time
  • Ensuring effective collaboration between BA professionals across roles and domains
  • Strategic BA
  • BA in different project and product contexts
  • How to match new approaches and technologies with legacy processes and systems
  • The Role of the BA in digital transformation, design thinking, innovation, data science, machine learning, …
  • AI beyond the hype
  • Closing the loop with customers: customer research & BA, co-creation, citizen development, …
  • Soft skills, facilitation, and supporting team collaboration: a key to BA success?
  • Building BA communities of practice
  • The role of BA in organisation design
  • Genuine stories of struggles and successes in organisational change

Please consider the above as a starting point. BA & Beyond offers a broad mix of topics from a variety of business analysis-related domains, so don't hesitate to submit or contact us in case of doubt.

We do have a strong preference for talks showcasing real life projects as these are typically most appreciated by the audience and least represented in the call for speakers. Theory on BA techniques is welcome but preferably supported by practical examples.

Do you have a topic in mind but are unsure about presenting? Submit your topic without any obligation and we'll get back to you to discuss your idea.

Session formats

We are looking for

  • short 20-minute espresso sessions to inspire the audience with a TED-style talk;
  • longer 40-minute lungo sessions where you can elaborate on your topic while actively engaging with your audience;
  • informal 40-minute coffee corner conversations without (!) slides.

Practical details

All speakers get free in-person access to two conference events of their choice and to all online sessions. When presenting with two speakers, the second speaker will receive a 50% reduction to the conference fee. In case you have already registered for the conference when we confirm your speaking proposal, you can always transfer your tickets or receive a full refund.

While we strive to support traveling speakers financially and logistically, the extent to which this is possible depends on the number of traveling speakers. For now, it's safest to assume you'll need to take care of your travel expenses yourself.

Please note the entire event will be in English and that all talks are to be delivered in person.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more info or any questions you may have.

We very much look forward to receiving your proposal!


  • 7 December 2023
    Call for Speakers opens
  • 19 January 2024
    Call for Speakers closes
    (and we are strict on deadlines ;-))
  • Week of 5 February 2024
    We inform speakers about acceptance and speakers confirm participation →
  • 28 May — 6 June
    Enjoy (making) the show! ;-)

Tips for your proposal

  • Provide a concise and clear abstract with up to three key takeaways.
  • Demonstrate practical results you or your team have achieved. Case-based talks have an edge.
  • Explain how you will engage your audience to participate.
  • Provide actionable tips for the audience to take away.
  • Have a clear focus in your proposal. Don't try to cover too much ground or merge multiple topics into one proposal.
  • Submit up to two topics. If you have more, select the ones you think are most relevant today.
  • Don't submit a commercial presentation.
  • Last year, we received over 150 (!) submissions. So make sure to provide us with the right information that makes your submission stand out.

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